Easy Digestibility and Health Rejuvenation

For people who are recovering from illness and children with poor appetite, it is crucial to have good nutrition. However, with poor digestion, nutrients cannot be absorbed. Our digestive system can easily digest bird’s nest; therefore, it carries good nutrients to those with a weaker body.

Improvement of Skin Health

One of the most well-known benefits for consuming bird’s nest. It helps to beautify skin, mainly to retain youthfulness and obtain a clean and clear facial complexion.  Bird’s nest contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which helps in the growth and repair of cells. EGF can boost collagen production in the skin, which is responsible for keeping the skin look young.


Those who consume bird’s nest on a long term or regular basis has anti-aging benefits. This is due to the combination of essential minerals and vitamins that bird’s nest contains which the human body needs to maintain healthy skin, tissue, hair and muscle.

Supplement for Postnatal Health

For pregnant mothers, bird’s nest helps to recover faster after delivery, experience lesser loss of hair, and deliver healthier and fair skinned babies. Drinking bird’s nest also gives the mother more energy, better sleep, and feeling of vitality especially for post-natal health.

Restores Lung Function

Good quality bird’s nest defeats chronic cases of cough and asthma. People with dry cough (e.g., heavy smokers) may find consuming bird’s nest very beneficial. Drinking bird’s nest on a regular basis can reduce the general needs for medical attentions.

Improves Appetite

The loss of appetite will result in a fragile body that easily suffers from sickness. To prevent this from happening, it is strongly recommended to consume bird nests mixed with milk or beef bones broth once a day. The multiple minerals inside the bird's nest will help increase appetite.

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